How We Can Help

Intentional giving begins with asking the right questions. It succeeds when supported with impartial research and guidance.

Whether you seek to structure a specific gift or desire a comprehensive giving plan, Alter Advising can customize an approach to ensure you accomplish your goals. Alter Advising can help you answer the key questions every philanthropist must consider to bring joy to their giving and seed results.

Alter Advising can help you determine:

Why Give? 

Asking why you give or want to give roots your actions in your passions and values. As you discover how to connect your giving to what you really care about, you will bring meaning and focus to your efforts and magnify the impact of your gifts.

• Evaluate your current giving portfolio

• Facilitate visioning for families and foundations

• Empower your imagination

• Design a giving plan

• Support legacy planning

• Educate the next generation


To Whom, What & Where?

Good intentions alone can lead to limited impact. Ultimately, thoughtful giving is about making strategic choices to accomplish your goals. Alter Advising provides the research to help you choose confidently and to connect what you care about to what is likely to succeed.

• Identify talent and opportunities

• Analyze problems, potential solutions, and best practices

• Solicit proposals and recommend awardees

• Facilitate collaboration across funders and organizations

• Build public – private partnerships

• Conduct due diligence research

• Manage the giving process from end-to-end

• Serve as point of contact for all giving related activities

• Recruit and build out foundation boards, staff and other key stakeholders as needed

Alter Advising can help whether your legacy is to be local, national, or international in scope.


How to Give?

As a philanthropist, how you structure your gifts and your personal engagement can profoundly shape your legacy. Alter Advising provides knowledge and perspective so that you and the organizations you partner with both achieve your goals.

Structure gifts and draft pledges to:

• Maximize impact

• Create a lasting legacy

• Ensure accountability

• Match your personal risk preferences

• Plan assessments and measurement of impact

• Leverage and attract other funds

• Preserve anonymity as desired

• Learn and adapt over time

• Nurture effective donor engagement

• Help to build trust, open communication, and partnerships with grantees

• Connect and protect different generations of the family


Our Approach

Dr. Alter will personalize and customize an approach based on the needs and philanthropic goals of your family. No matter where you are in your philanthropic planning she can add valuable expertise and perspective to help you increase your impact.

Alter Advising bills on a fee for service basis depending on the project. For clients interested in a longer term engagement, a retainer-based relationship is also available.

Working closely with your team of professional advisors, such as your estate planning attorney, wealth advisor, accountant, or community foundation, Dr. Alter will design and implement a philanthropic vision that aligns with your overall financial and estate planning goals.

Alter Advising also partners with other professional advisors to provide philanthropy planning services and education for their existing clients.

Connect with Dr. Alter online or call (608) 381-5445.

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